There have been few investment assets as controversial as Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). Few, if any, took them seriously when they came out in 2009. The early adopters used to trade it for free between them, and it was offered as “consolation prizes” in some early online competitions.

2021 has been great for this crypto leader so far. It has reached new heights twice in the year, and many are hoping that it crosses the US$100,000 threshold by the end of this year.

Should you sell or hold?

If you already have invested in Bitcoin, you might be wondering whether to keep holding on to the digital asset or sell it when it’s trading so near to its recent peak. The answer is not so straightforward and depends on multiple factors, including your risk appetite and what price you bought it for.

Should You buy?

The peak is not the best time to buy an investment asset, but the peak for Bitcoin hasn’t been identified yet. News | Bitcoin BTC Freefall to $56k down $1.2k off $68k high

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