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This time of year people and organizations need to be vigilant.


Nonprofit For Good is a charity that is dedicated to increasing the use of solar energy, deep water well technology, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies and bringing electricity to thousands of homes in off-grid communities in the Philippines, Haiti & Africa.



Nonprofit For Good partners with “boots on the ground” NGO’s like local Lions Club International Clubs to deliver relief and food to feed the needy & hungry. In the last year, during restrictive times, The NFG volunteers were able to effect delivery and relief to more than 200+ families in the Philippines.

Nonprofit For Good states “Our mission is to provide a cheap renewable & sustainable power supply, disaster relief, and other humanitarian needs as they are required”.



“A simple post on Facebook sparked an unexpected response,” the website states saw an increase once people showed a grassroots effort to help. “What was thought would be a litter of requests from needy families, turned into a litany of people eager to help financially or volunteer sharing our message. From there, the idea grew into reality. ” We can make a difference,” said Norman Jones, a retired autoworker turned social media advocate.




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About Nonprofit For Good
Nonprofit For Good works in cooperation with NGOs, individuals, industry, and government to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. Our primary focus is promoting livable, resilient, sustainable spaces and neighborhoods for the underprivileged and needy.


Nonprofit For Good is dedicated to promoting renewable energy and economic and environmental sustainability.



When donors see the NFG logo, they can be sure that their donation will be utilized to gain the maximum assistance to the community. NFG projects meet environmental and consumer protection standards.

Your support can and will make a difference


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Monika Lewis
Nonprofit For Good Foundation

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