There can be little doubt that cyber breaches are becoming more frequent and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques. From malware to reconnaissance attacks, and from DoS/DDoS attacks to phishing campaigns, cybercriminals are becoming bolder and more determined by the day.

Unfortunately, they are also finding more success. We need only look at the breaches endured by companies such as Target, Sony, and Yahoo to see that cybercrime is prevalent. Indeed, in some circles, arguably, it has become normalized. Society, in general, is now accustomed to seeing news stories of successful cyber attacks across a variety of countries and sectors.

In light of the snowball effect of cyber criminality, it is imperative that individuals, companies, industries, and governments do not accept cyber breaches as merely part of their day-to-day operations. To defeat cybercriminals, hacktivists, and their ilk, it is vital that organizations double down on cyber security provisions and do all they can to protect themselves against a breach. For too long, companies have adopted an ‘it will never happen to us’ approach to cyber security, yet there is a strong chance that a breach will, or has already happened. Many companies are susceptible and suffer a breach without even realizing that it has occurred. Once a breach is discovered, the consequences can be costly, both financially and in reputational terms. Customer data, intellectual property, capital, and personal information are all at risk once a party has been breached. Accordingly, companies are going to greater lengths to plan for and protect against attacks.

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