This cloak over your personal data helps protect your registered accounts while monitoring for signs of identity theft or fraud.

If you aren’t concerned about where and how your personal information is being gathered across the web, then you definitely aren’t paying attention. In just the last several days, data breaches revealed against organizations like global IT giant Accenture and 3-D printing site Thingiverse compromised account information from literally millions of their customers. And that’s just in a matter of days.

Then there’s what those companies do when you aren’t looking. Over 95 percent of Americans say they’re worried about businesses collecting and selling their personal information without permission. Another 80 are concerned about businesses accessing the data they share on social media platforms. However, barely half say they’re actually looking for new ways to protect their personal data.

Everybody is worried. Yet many aren’t doing anything about it. And when it comes to financial details and the state of each person’s vital credit, complacency could be disastrous.

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