The days of working from home while lounging in your sweats and cuddling with your pandemic pet may be over.

Now, employers want to ensure you’re as productive as possible — by using surveillance technology.

Since the start of the pandemic, demand for employee surveillance measures jumped 54%, according to research by online privacy review site Top10VPN.

Major companies are attempting to enforce task tracking via new technologies — such as Amazon’s truck monitoring technology or Microsoft’s productivity scoring software — that have been widely criticized.

Some employers have implemented virtual monitoring with programs like Time Doctor or StaffCop, which can log keystrokes, watch screens, take over a computer remotely, see employees’ locations, record audio, and more.

While people might be used to their Amazon Echo smart speakers listening to their commands, they’re not so keen about being constantly spied on by employers.

Earlier this month, Mattel came under fire for noting in a remote job listing that the company can make “unplanned visits” to home offices.