Theft of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) appears to be on the rise, with many collectors losing millions of dollars as a result. In one recent example that led to widespread mockery, an NFT investor complained “all my apes are gone,” referring to the popular “Bored Apes” and “Mutant Apes” NFTs they had invested in. Todd Kramer, an artist who is a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), took to the microblogging platform, Twitter, to reveal that he lost $2.2 million worth of the NFTs to phishers. This resulted from the artist’s clicking on a malicious link represented as a crypto-app gateway. On realization that he has been defrauded, Kramer took to Twitter to post: This week alone, Bored Apes surmounted $1billion in overall sales, despite being launched last April. In the last 30 days, CryptoSlam has reported a rough estimate of $7.4 million worth of trades. Bored Apes, an easy target for fraudsters? Many celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Shaquille O’Neal, Serena Williams, Eminem have bought Bored Apes. However, famous holders and rising prices have made it known that this is a season for scammers, hackers, and fraudsters ready to swindle NFT newbies. The majority of NFTs stole were part of the Bored Apes and Mutant Apes NFT collections. Kramer took to Twitter immediately and begged for OpenSea to help him and called out to the NFT to aid him in recovering his NFT apes. Others of course immediately made fun of Kramer, telling him to change his profile picture featuring one of the Apes as he was no longer the owner of the NFT. Many were quick to note that OpenSea intervening in the situation seemed to go against a key value of the industry, which is that “code is law” and that once your tokens are in someone else’s wallet, they own them. OpenSea could not reverse the transaction on the blockchain but it did stop the NFTs from being sold on its marketplace. OpenSea stated: “We take theft seriously and have policies in place to meet our obligations to the community and deter theft on our platform. We do not have the power to freeze or delist NFTs that exist on these blockchains, however, we do disable the ability to use OpenSea to buy or sell stolen items. We’ve prioritized building security tools and processes to combat theft on OpenSea, and we are actively expanding our efforts across customer support, trust and safety, and site integrity so we can move faster to protect and empower our users.” Some people are of the belief that their Social Security Number (SSN) is the most valuable number. In reality, your mobile phone number is even more valuable to hackers and scammers. Take the recent data breaches as an example. Scammers can use the breach data to SIM Swap your number and become you. Once the scammer and hackers have control of your number it is a matter of minutes to hours before they reak havoc on your entire life These scammers and hackers, now that they control your number, can gain access and steal all your bank accounts, crypto, social media, and other accounts. We take for granted how much our mobile controls in our lives.

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