efani – A Comprehensive Guide on Silent SMS Denial of Service (DoS) Attack

When delivered to a mobile handset, silent messages, also known as Silent SMS or Stealth SMS “stealth ping”, or “Short Message Type 0”, are not indicated on the display or by an acoustic alert signal. This guide will concentrate on the technicalities of sending a silent SMS, as well as sending multiple incessant silent SMSs […]

Prevent Eavesdropping Remote Access Location Tracking Private Phone

Recently, T-Mobile & Robinhood customers, over 60 million combined, became victims of a data breach. These customers are now potentially at risk of identity theft and fraud for many years to come. What Is SIM Hacking? SIM hacking is when a person gets their hands on a new SIM card that’s tied to you. Here’s […]

Tracking Hacks U.S. Accuses Russian of Money Laundering

Robert McMillan and Kevin Poulsen report: A Moscow entrepreneur was detained during a vacation abroad this month and is now facing extradition to the U.S. on charges that he helped a notorious Russian ransomware group launder payments. The case marks the first arrest in connection with the Ryuk ransomware group, which gained notoriety with a […]

Costco Alerts Customers about Credit Card Breach | efani SAFE?

Costco customers at four of the retailer’s Chicago-area warehouses may have had their payment information compromised after employees discovered five card-skimming devices during routine PIN pad inspections at the end of August. “We promptly removed the skimmers, notified law enforcement, and engaged a forensics firm to analyze the devices,” A Costco spokesperson told FOX Business […]

Report: Multiple data breaches common in past year | efani SAFE?

A new report from Cornell University and FreedomPay found that stakeholders were almost universally satisfied with internal risk assessment processes (96%) and cybersecurity systems (95%), despite the reality that one in three (31%) has experienced a data breach in the past. Among companies that had suffered a breach, most (89%) had experienced multiple breaches in […]

CynergisTek Reports Supply Chain Risks Continue Driving Demand for Vendor Security

CynergisTek (NYSE American: CTEK), leading cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and IT audit firm helping organizations in highly regulated industries navigate emerging security and privacy issues, announces a one-year Vendor Security Management service agreement with a nationally recognized children’s hospital with multiple locations. The healthcare industry relies on third-party vendors to deliver a wide range of goods […]

MediaMarkt Still Blocked Ransomware Attack Intermittent Services

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Zach Shipman reports: The MediaMarktSaturn group has suffered a heavy ransomware attack in recent days. It is difficult to say who did it: someone from Holland is ready to believe that it is the Hive group, which would have asked for 240 million dollars in bitcoin, however, at the moment there is no claim on […]

Waikato DHB warned a cyber attack ‘catastrophic for patient safety’

Natalie Akoorie reports: The Waikato District Health Board was warned it’s IT security was inadequate and severely compromised just months before a massive ransomware attack that brought Waikato Hospital to its knees. The internal cyber security document dated December last year also warned that a lack of training meant staff posed an unintentional threat to […]

HPE Hackers Breached Aruba Central using Stolen Key

Lawrence Abrams reports: HPE has disclosed that data repositories for their Aruba Central network monitoring platform were compromised, allowing a threat actor to access collected data about monitored devices and their locations. Aruba Central is a cloud networking solution that allows administrators to manage large networks and components from a single dashboard.  

Manhasset School District continues to recover from September ransomware attack

Robert Pelaez has an update on the Manhasset School District ransomware incident that resulted in the dumping of numerous files on current and former employees and students on the dark web — many with personal and sensitive information. But what caught my eye in the update was this: Last month, district officials warned Manhasset students […]