NASDAQ: CPKI California Pizza Kitchen Data Breach | efani SAFE?

California Pizza Kitchen Data Breach Exposes Personal Information: Murphy Law Firm Investigates Victims’ Legal Claims Murphy Law Firm announces its investigation into claims on behalf of individuals whose information was compromised in the California Pizza Kitchen data breach. On or about September 15, 2021, California Pizza Kitchen discovered suspicious activity on its computer systems. By […]

TikTok $92M data breach settlement | efani SAFE?

TikTok agrees to $92M data breach settlement: Users are in for a payday Millions of TikTok users may be eligible for a payout after TikTok agreed to a $92 million settlement in light of lawsuits over user privacy. TikTok users may be eligible for a share of $92 million after the social media company agreed […]

Survey 20% of Defense Contractors Risk Attack | efani SAFE?

A survey featuring some of the United States’ top defense contractors suggests that about 20% of them are “highly susceptible” to a ransomware attack, with 42% having experienced a data breach in 2020 alone. This data comes from Black Kite, a cybersecurity research firm. Survey respondents included defense contractors working in financial services, health care, […]

Alibaba NYSE: BABA ECS instances targeted Cryptojacking | efani SAFE?

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Alibaba ECS instances targeted in new cryptojacking campaign Hackers have been found attacking Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Service (ECS) instances to mine Monero cryptocurrency in a new cryptojacking campaign. Security researchers at Trend Micro discovered cybercriminals disabling security features in cloud instances so that they could mine for cryptocurrency. ECS instances come with a preinstalled […]

Meta NASDAQ:FB formerly Facebook after high-profile leaks | efani SAFE?

Meta, formerly Facebook, is restricting the flow of internal information after high-profile leaks, report says Meta has changed its company culture to restrict the flow of internal information, per The Verge. This follows the leaking of company documents by whistleblower Frances Haugen. Meta, formerly Facebook, has canceled presentations and slowed the release of internal research, […] News | Vulnerabilities in GitHub NPM packages malicious versions

GitHub fixed serious npm registry vulnerability, will mandate 2FA use for certain accounts GitHub has fixed a serious vulnerability that would have allowed attackers to publish new, malicious versions of any existing package on the npm registry. About the fixed vulnerability The vulnerability, flagged by security researchers Kajetan Grzybowski and Maciej Piechota, existed because several […]

Top Cybersecurity Threats Around the Globe | Are You efani SAFE?

Cybersecurity threats, risks, and challenges vary a lot from one region to the next and one nation to the next. Targets vary based on local resources to exploit. Cyber criminals and nation-state attackers zero in on specific nations, companies, and organizations for varying incentives. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated cybersecurity threats. Attackers might launch […]

efani Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to Sell Spare Parts to Repair iPhones Macs

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) on Wednesday said it will for the first time start selling spare parts and tools to the general public to perform their own repairs on some iPhones and Mac computers. The self-service repair program comes after years of pressure from consumer groups has resulted in Apple providing greater access to repair […]