Tracking Hacks VA Hundreds of Parents Students Staff at Risk

Kelsey Jean-Baptiste reports: Concerns about confidential records being found thrown on the ground of the Old Pulaski Middle School have many worried. Hundreds of students, teachers, and staff are now at risk of having their private information stolen.

Many people are worried after confidential records were discovered thrown on the ground of the Old Pulaski Middle School, which means hundreds of students, teachers, and staff are now at risk of having their private information stolen.

Pulaski County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Siers says the documents date back to the 1970s.

In pictures given to WFXR News by the Pulaski County Administrator, Jonathan D. Sweet shows medical documents tossed around from 2016.

Sweet says he had no idea that the documents were left in the building. It took nearly nine months for school administrative staff to clear it out, but only a portion of that material was removed.

“The school was vandalized after it was turned over to the county. We were notified about them in August of this year,” said Dr. Siers. Read More

Movistar Suffers Cyber Attack Exposes Customer Data

Movistar suffered last week a cyber attack that exposed the personal information of thousands of your customers. The company has informed Friday users affected by the “irregular access” to your computer systems by SMS, as has advanced and has been able to confirm El Periódico de Catalunya.

That message indicates that security breach has exposed basic personal data such as contact identification data (that is, name, surname, and others) and information about the products and services contracted, but there is no indication that other more sensitive data such as passwords, bank accounts or call log. “There is no evidence that said data has been exploited,” reads that SMS.

Movistar has indicated that this hole “has already been blocked”, but has not given more details about the origin of the attack, its specific scope, or how this internal security breach has occurred. Although basic, compromised data can be extracted by cybercriminals to be able to launch other phishing attacks later, such as phishing, more convincingly. The SMS mentions “irregular access to our systems from suspicious IPs.” As required by data protection law, Movistar has informed customers whose personal information has been affected.

Although it is unknown exactly how these attackers have infiltrated the Movistar system, the coup is one more on the list of large companies affected. This Wednesday it was reported that Estrella Damm had also been the victim of a cyberattack with a virus type ‘ransomware which has hijacked access to internal data, forcing the shutdown of its factories. Tuesday was Media market who saw how their European servers were blocked by a similar attack, affecting their stores in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

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