Frontier Software Ransomware Attack 80,000 High Risk | efani

Frontier Software Ransomware Attack Puts at Least 80,000 Government Employees at High Risk of Personal Data Theft They pointed out that the data breach gave the hackers internal access to the affected accounts. Frontier Software is the latest Australian firm to suffer from a cyberattack that hit its government employees. In a recent report about […]

Hackers Publish Vestas Personal Data Cyber | efani Partner

Personal data stolen from wind turbine maker Vestas by hackers in a so-called ransomware attack last month has been made public, the firm said late on Wednesday. A cyber security incident on Nov. 19 forced Vestas to shut down IT systems across multiple business units and locations to contain the issue. The Danish company said […]

Language Pattern Analysis to Detect Social Network Attacks

Sontiq BreachIQ Data Breach Report: Week of Nov. 22 · Is Ransomware a Technology Pandemic in the Making? 8 Security Developments to be Thankful Attacks by scammers appear to make sophisticated use of language ideology to abuse trust relationships. Language that indexes Africans allows perceived “authenticity” to be constructed in a way that breaks down […] Recent Data Breach News | How (un)safe is your data?

Rapid digitalization has unlocked tons of opportunities for everyone, but it has also given rise to a new set of digital threats that can jeopardize both our data and financial resources. Every now and then, a new case of a cyberattack surface and makes the news, and while the target is almost always a corporate […]