Ubiquiti $4bn VPN Breach Scandal Exposed | efani Partner TheNFG.com

You should use a VPN that provides a “kill switch” Using a VPN without a kill switch is a bad idea. Recently, a brief VPN outage led to the arrest of a former Ubiquiti developer. This developer, Nickolas Sharp, has reportedly been charged with stealing data and trying to extort his employer Ubiquiti while pretending […]

Alibaba NYSE: BABA ECS instances targeted Cryptojacking | efani SAFE?

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Alibaba ECS instances targeted in new cryptojacking campaign Hackers have been found attacking Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Service (ECS) instances to mine Monero cryptocurrency in a new cryptojacking campaign. Security researchers at Trend Micro discovered cybercriminals disabling security features in cloud instances so that they could mine for cryptocurrency. ECS instances come with a preinstalled […]