Thanksgiving Blessing SPONSOR a Family – 6 ways for you & your family to give back this Thanksgiving with Nonprofit For Good

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy turkey, parades, and football, but it can also be an extremely difficult time for families who are struggling to make ends meet.

The suffering of families, men, women & children produces an immediate heart cry in most people worldwide.

When a child remains in need, not only is his present life but also his future subjected to heartache. Emotional trauma caused by suffering can gouge a deep scar in children, stunting their ability to give and receive love, and believe that they are precious creations with significant roles to play in their nations’ futures.

At the same time, women of all ages quite often are treated as a second class during times of natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Nonprofit For Good 2021 Adopt-a-Family for Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to help others in need. This year donations are needed more than ever! Help inspire others by getting your family, co-workers, and students involved.

Having to decide between paying the utility bills or seeing your kids go to bed hungry is a decision that no parent wants to make. Thanksgiving is just one day in November, but there are many ways you and your family can help others in need throughout the entire month. From donating items at a food drive to sponsoring a family’s Thanksgiving meal, every contribution makes a difference. We’ve come up with some great ideas to get you started.

Help celebrate Thanksgiving and fight Poverty and hunger. Thousands of people have found themselves in need of a helping hand as a result of the pandemic. Many would never expect to be in such a situation.

This year, we are expecting unprecedentedly high demand. Because of caring partners like you, Nonprofit For Good will be able to distribute Thanksgiving baskets to hundreds of families through our Adopt-A-Family Thanksgiving Project.

Each donation provides a Thanksgiving basket to a family in need. Whether you can help ten families or just one, you will be making a much-needed difference in our community.

Help feed families, veterans, homeless, single families, orphans, and others this Thanksgiving when you donate directly to the Thanksgiving Project. As food costs continue to rise, funding remains our most critical need. “The Nonprofit For Good Thanksgiving Project” continues to grow year over year, which is a testament to the support of our donors and volunteers, but also shows how much need remains in our society to help each other.

Consider making a donation in the name of someone you care about (hint: it would make a great hostess gift for Thanksgiving). In fact, 79% of people say they would rather have a charitable donation made in their honor than receive a gift they wouldn’t use.

Mark your calendars for November 25, 2021 and  Giving Tuesday is November 30, 2021. This nationwide movement unites us all in a day of generosity at the start of the busy holiday season. Nonprofit For Good Foundation is raising money to feed families in need of nutritious food. Make a donation NOW and again on Giving Tuesday.

Donate Today by selecting a donation amount or select a custom amount.

With your help, we can raise $100,000 for families in need in just one day.

Host a Friendsgiving either at the office potluck or at home anytime in November. Feast on turkey, stuffing, and the works or be creative by having a wine and cheese night, pizza, or tapas. Whatever you decide, make it count by sponsoring a local family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Set a goal for the number of families you would like to support – each meal costs only $50. An event with just 20 people will raise $1000 and feed 20 families.

Use this time as an opportunity to speak with your children about how hunger and poverty affect other kids and families in your community – use real-life experiences that they can relate to. When kids participate in activities that make a positive social impact, it inspires self-confidence, tolerance, and empathy so encourage your kids to share their experiences at school! You can do this throughout November and anytime during the year.

Join the movement by following on Facebook and @NonprofitGood on Twitter. Share what you are most grateful for. Don’t forget to tag #NonprofitForGood and #RAOKArmy!

Share your message with others throughout November.

Family tip: This is a fun way for teens to get involved.

However you chose to give back this month, your spirit of generosity will make a big difference in the lives of others.

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