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Free Government Grant Money For Individuals: Personal Use. What do you do when you personally need money but don’t want to take on debt? One answer is to seek a personal grant.

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Where to find FREE money sources

Until now, finding these little-known sources for free money was a real challenge. You could spend hours and hours every week hunting, and yet you’d probably find maybe 10 sources at the most. Chances are, they wouldn’t even match your need.

Well, that painful search is now over!

Introducing the all-new Guaranteed Grants Directory ebook.
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Why people would be willing to give you FREE money?

The federal government every year allocates millions and millions of dollars to various agencies. Most of this money has been negotiated by politicians who want to help their states and hometown districts.

It’s all politics. A way to buy more votes.

The problem is that most people don’t know about it. Many of these free money opportunities are forgotten about years after a politician has left office. Yet the programs remain.

Let’s face it, The government isn’t going to pay outrageous sums of money to mail notices to everyone’s homes to give away money. But they’ll be more than happy to mail you IRS notices. As a result, only 1 in 10,000 people are aware of this free money.

Foundations typically are funded by large corporations or wealthy US citizens for 2 main reasons: They save much more in taxes than they will ever give away, and it is great public relations.

As you can see, there is a mind-boggling amount of free money that’s being given away, every day, every year. And some of it could be yours for the taking!

Please keep in mind that we’re not talking about welfare or some kind of social service agency handout. No, in my new Grants Directory ebook you’ll learn how you can get checks for $10,000, $25,000, or more. The money you never have to repay!

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It’s really that simple. Here’s what you’ll discover when you download the $25,000 Guaranteed Grants Available Directory

Free money to pay for prescription drugs.
Free money to buy new eyeglasses.
Free money is available for entrepreneurs.
Free money for a Management degree.
Free money for treatment for the blind.
Free money for developing new technology.
Free money for nursing home costs.
Free money for Women-owned businesses.
Free money for low-income people.
Free money to design prototype products.
Free money for psychotherapy costs.
Free money for painters and sculptors.
Free money for home improvement.
Free money to learn dance, music, and art.

Free money for hearing aids.
Free money for dental care.
Free money for nurses.
Free money for hospital stays.
Free money for journalists.
Free money for senior citizens.
Free money for musicians.
Free money for child activities.
Free money for school teachers.
Free money for blind US students.
Free money for unwed mothers.
Free money for doctor’s fees.
Free money for women in business.
Plus much, much more!!!

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Free Government Grant Money For Individuals: Personal Use. What do you do when you personally need money but don’t want to take on debt? One answer is to seek a personal grant.

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Guaranteed Free Money Grant US Government No Credit Check Everyone is Approved Free Government Money Grants Available Free Cash No Credit Check 25
Free Government Grant Money For Individuals: Personal Use. What do you do when you personally need money but don’t want to take on debt? One answer is to seek a personal grant.
FREE Money Grants Available NO CREDIT Required & No Credit Check!

In order for us to pay for the expenses we have incurred compiling this information, we are forced to charge a small $10 to cover our costs. The information also comes with a guarantee.

Apply for funding using sources in the Grants Available eBook and you don’t receive funding, your money will be refunded immediately. 

All you have to do is provide us with the name of the funding opportunity you applied for and a copy of the rejection letter you received from the funder.    

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How to get a $25,000 FREE Cash Grant GUARANTEED!

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Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age with a valid social security number. In some cases, the applicant can not have a net worth exceeding $250,000 (depending on the specific grant, and the amount being requested).